ABOUT US (TheBeatBuffs)

I’ll keep it simple. My biggest pet peeve was going online, buying somebody else’s product they claimed was “the best out” and then shortly after realizing I already had ALL those sounds scattered around in numerous kits I had obtained online. Quality is the biggest objective when it comes to any of my products, of course everybody enjoys money (duh) but, the enjoyment and inspiration that I’m able to provide somebody who shops on my website is truly one of my favorite feelings. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into another studio or met a producer who pulled their computers out and started using my sounds right in front of me without even knowing that it’s me who created them. THE MISSION IS QUALITY AND THAT’S ALL IT’S EVER BEEN. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME PROVIDE A LIVING FOR MYSELF. I’VE BEEN SELF EMPLOYED FOR ABOUT 2 YEARS NOW AND WILL NEVER TAKE YOU GUYS – OR IT FOR GRANTED. GOD BLESS +++